Tried mind

I just tried everything I have been through this whole time, I can’t believe I grow up this so fastly, sometimes everything happens so quickly. Everything I gotta do I overthink about it. It’s like I got no Strange anymore. I feel so lazy. I don’t even know what to write now Because of my mind in a race. (you don’t even know how I fell every day about everything) Life is a race we running always we even don’t know what we going after, what we chasing here or there. Every day we wake up and we just do what we have to do after we just think about what we have to leave to do like is there anything else left we have to if it’s we going to do it. If not we just being.

So time, tricking tricking. Every time we just do better or worse. We just do our own fucking thing. I just really want to know what is this. We were a baby, kid, child, teenager, man, old man this line I mentioned previously’s going on. I positively believe this has happened again and again like a cycle, this is a repeat process. Like our ordinary life. Don’t you tired about all of this. We earn money monthly but it’s burned by daily.

I think I got a long journey ahead. I just do whatever I gotta do now. Because I want to escape from this. I just want to live like a human. Human of good minds like a simple man. I’m really tired of being afraid of everything like always. I just feel unhappy I want to be a free, free-minded man. like everyone else. When my mind not in the right position I feel uncomfortable. Like I just want to escape from that moment and go to a better place But there is no such a place as that. But every time I’m trying my best to be my best me. So let be me. I’m still trying.



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