Sunrise Of Success

Avisha Rasminda
1 min readMar 29

I’m the best

Even thousands said I’m gonna be defeated by one or another

I’m gonna win

That’s the mentality and that’s the whole point of beginning of the slowing down show

Isn’t it crazy and creepy?

Is it something to carry on or be proud of?

Victory and war are related things asked from the warriors

Who has been to the playground for a long time

Who coming up as a survivors

Ain’t that hard or ain’t that bad

To see another day each of us killing the other

Suddenly sun rose and a kill us before we see each other

What a race we having to ourselves to see each other falling and rising

Didn’t you see it through

All of us have been breaking up continuously inside

Till we go further

Everything will be remembered and everyone will be forgotten

I gotta testify

About everything

The whole confession will be missing

To the emission

If you didn’t listen

Missions got held up

Until seeing clear visions

Prison makes outlaws

Till we see the heaven

Avisha Rasminda

Avisha Rasminda is a young poet and writer, whose writing delves into the intricacies of life in all its forms. With a focus on both non-fiction and biography