Pressure & Treasure


Cut a diamond into pieces to see the shine

Forget to see the inside of the eyes

To realize the sunshine

Sunset will set the mood for the sky

You know

It will turn you out to the dark evening

I’ll go rounds and rounds

To escape from the line


Join to the circle of life

What a race and hell!

We keep seeing through the mind

To gain the power inside

To escape from the circle of life

Is everyone deserve the treasure of life ?


Is it pressure the holding us a long way?

To forgot us pressure the shininess of mind ?

Sometimes pressure work throughout the process

In order to birth the treasure to the world

Show the light inside.…………………………



Avisha Rasminda

Avisha Rasminda is a young poet and writer, whose writing delves into the intricacies of life in all its forms. With a focus on both non-fiction and biography