Avisha Rasminda

Everyone feels the weight of life
Seek the interval of this line
Couldn’t find it.

Issues in the queue
Each one of them is a light out of the tunnel
Head spinning around itself.

Trying to figure out the way out of this.

Held tons of things to myself.
Come up with a bright and strong light.
Saw the things turn up and downs in the line.
Used to serve the bright side.
Give the reason to go and go over again

Everyone getting alone, once saw the beautifulness now it’s has gone.



Chances made us running

Running wild and crazy

A couple of chances got missed

Some of them on the way

Gotta hold them and carry them with ourselves forever

If not we will be missed and forgotten

Everything has here, it’s got time

Gotta understand and at the same time we gotta move

Intermittently my mind asking me what’s going on here

Every time the answer is we don’t know what’s really going on

Even I’m still finding the light for everything

The only chance we got for ourselves is to go for the light, that’s the chance we have.



See Through You

When I see you
I can see through you
What you have been through
This whole time
Don’t pretend to be someone else
I’m getting to see everything clearly
Some of them think I’m a baby
You don’t even get close to me lately
Why you are acting This way crazy
I know everywhere we go we got to see dreams
But I gotta say it’s gotta be natural
Sometimes it’s hard so then it can be fake
Have to look for the right time my dear
If not you will get caught



I can see this life

Different lies

Lay on my mind

Heaven is in the sky

Nothing but crises

In our life

I know I was right

Trying to go to the surface

presureness Got me tight

Barely trying to stand

I know-how to fly

Shakes my heart

The atmosphere is the best solution

Gotta defeat the failure

Mud on my feet

Scars got me loose

History on my mind



I see a lot of people full of hate and jealousy

Look at us different way

When I see them I can read them

What is the meaning of all of this

I know they can’t stop it

They got into it, can’t let it go

When I see all of you I got kindness to give you

I know you don’t take it

What else can I do for you, I’m willing to help you I know you don’t take it either.

Such a life, what a life is this

All say that’s life, even you will say

I’m going to say this is life

We live in a game, this is a game

Even this is a game is there have a race?

You know.



Visions got me thinking straight

Got me thinking clearly and speedy

Wanna reach up to the top of the Mountain

Maybe more to the sky

Got to see a lot of things in life

We gotta move quickly

Wanna do it all like a speed of light

Have a lot of beautiful dreams

Inside of us waiting to see the light


Sometimes somewhere feels these things none of them matter

What do we have to do at that time

I wanna do it all, what we wanna be

Remembering the all high and falls

Day to day kills us slowly

Got younger Self of us stands behind us like a shadow

Older Self of us waiting for us the front at the line

We gotta go

Wanna know everything

Wanna do everything

Wanna be everything

What we like

Gotta move.